Wildlife holidays in Europe

We are fortunate to be part of a network of areas across Europe which all face issues of rurality but are blessed with fantastic opportunities for nature based tourism. Our network have been supported with European funding through the LEADER programme to enable each area to develop their own unique Nature  Tourism and then share, with their partners, best practice models.

We’d love to encourage you to visit each area and discover the fantastic nature , scenery and activities on offer in each country.

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Scotland - Outer Hebrides

Outer Hebrides Tourism Industry Association

Located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, our association represents tourism businesses across an archipelago of islands from Lewis in the north to Barra in the South

Situated on Europe’s Atlantic edge, the Scottish Outer Hebrides are a diverse chain of inter-connected islands with their own unique way of life.

From the northernmost headlands of the Isle of Lewis to the southern tip of Vatersay, the Outer Hebrides islands on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean offer an exciting assortment of entertainments and attractions.

Experience the peace and tranquillity of this isolated environment or accept the warm Western Isles welcome of communities waiting to offer you some traditional Hebridean hospitality.

Explore our rich island history and discover a superb selection of museums and monuments or witness carefully preserved Gaelic culture in a region where crofting, community events and ceilidhs bring people together like nowhere else on earth.

Why not come and spot birds, beasts and all the rest of the Hebrides wildlife that flourishes in our unique environment, or enjoy the other activities on offer in our amazing outdoors – from cycling to canoeing, kayaking to kitesurfing and walking to windsurfing.

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England – Yorkshire

Yorkshire Nature Triangle

With breathtaking countryside and coastline east Yorkshire has something for everyone; from nature lovers looking to see British wildlife at its best, to families wanting a fantastic and memorable day out. Visit our website to find out more and to plan your visit.

The Yorkshire Nature Triangle takes in Spurn National Nature Reserve, one of the best sites in Europe to see migrating birds and Flamborough Headland which is home to thousands of breeding seabirds and a fascinating array of marine wildlife. Over 30 spectacular wild places can be visited within Yorkshire‘s Nature Triangle; from vast wetlands to woodland and sandy beaches, there really is something for everyone. Visitors will be spoilt for choice and will need to come back time and again to see it all! Visit our website to plan your trip.

Finland- Karhuseutu

LAG Karhuseutu is situated in the southwest  of Finland, next to the Baltic Sea offering  huge potential to explore beautiful and peaceful nature all year around in different states and shapes.

Explore the richness of nature in Satakunta region in Finland, Scandinavia. The Bothnian Sea, national parks, forests, rivers and lakes are the pride of our province. The three national parks in Satakunta are located in different parts of the region, offering you the greatest natural beauty in Finland. Post-glacial rebound is constantly changing the environment in the archipelago, creating a unique destination for those interested in nature.

Regional landscapes include the sea and the coast upheaval, the Kokemäenjoki valley , the ridges that create a great contrast to their surroundings, the bogs, as well as the agricultural clearings. Great lakes such as Pyhäjärvi , the main lake of the region , bring the landscape to life. River courses, raised bogs and kelp communities are considered the most valuable types of environment. Raised bogs are vast areas that still offer a sense of wilderness and nature´s tranquility.

River Kokemäenjoki runs a distance of 121 kilometres through Satakunta all the way to the Bothnian Sea. With its side streams, it constitutes a fishing area with a rich selection of species, including trout, powan, zander and rainbow trout. In addition, the fourth largest water area in Finland offers excellent opportunities for fishing, boating, birdwatching and hiking.

The Bothnian Sea National Park offers a rich variety of opportunities, from sailing to island adventures. About 98% of park consists of underwater areas. The area is known for its diversity of birds and invaluable underwater environments.

Feel the peace and quiet of the vast bog areas or in the Forest.  Forests offers plenty of wildlife to explore; moose, rabbits, foxes, deer, wolves, bears and many other mammals.

During the winter you can enjoy snow in many ways. Cross country skiing routes are made in many forests and fields.  Skiing and iceskating on the lakes, sea or river are also very popular.


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Portugal- Ribatejo Norte

Ribatejo Norte is an area of contrasts, of colours, of tastes and smells that awake all senses. Discover secrets on every corner and allow yourself to fall in love.


Portugal is a rich territory in natural, historical and cultural heritage. With an enormous variety of preserved landscapes and natural habitats, Portugal has 21% of its territory considered as “Classified Areas”.


ADIRN is an Association for the Integrated Development of Ribatejo Norte. With a territory of intervention with almost 1500 km2 and over 135000 inhabitants, ADIRN promotes the development of this area and its population, through many activities that reach out for the best use of the area’s potential.


Ribatejo Norte lies in the centre of the country, where natural, historical and cultural interests lead you to endless secrets. From rocky hills to valleys and forests, this is an area of pure beauty and intimacy held in the landscapes that surround you, of mild manners people that toast you with food and wine that raise your senses, of an irresistible invitation to travel in time while visiting monuments like Almourol Castle, standing in an island, or the Convent of Christ, in the marvellous city of Tomar.


You will meet the ridges Serra d’Aire and Candeeiros and the Minde caves, be amazed by the Biosphere Reserve “Paúl do Boquilobo” and refresh in Nabão River, in the cold and believed to be medicinal waters.


If you are into outdoor and adventure activities, you will be able to experience canoeing, hiking with fauna and flora interpretation, bike tours, among others that will allow you to connect with the most pure and peaceful scenes in Ribatejo Norte.




ADIRN – Association for Integrated Development of Ribatejo Norte

Adress: Alameda Um de Março – C. C. Templários – 3º Andar
2300 – 431 TOMAR, PORTUGAL

Phone: 249 310 040