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Activities and Things To Do in Natural Mid Wales

With a wide range of fascinating activities and things to do, visitors are spoiled for choice in natural mid Wales.  Things to do range from discovering the amazing wildlife in this unspoilt environment, getting stuck in on the walks, trails, rivers and cycle routes and enjoying the cultural life and history of a unique part of Wales.  The varied countryside here is home to many species of birds, mammals, insects and amphibians which you can see in the stunning landscape of Mid Wales.  Many things to do and actitivies are available in the most beautiful environments such as the wide moorland vistas of the Elan Valley or tranquil riverside walks including the Wye Valley Walk. 

Wildlife and Birdwatching

Visitors find that birdwatching and spotting wildlife in Mid Wales is fun and rewarding because you can explore delightful hidden valleys, remote uplands and riverside walks whilst wildlife spotting. In just a few minutes you may be strolling in quiet ancient woodlands and then find yourself in dramatic open moorland high above the pastures and small farms in the valleys. This variety of habitat makes mid Wales a welcoming place for many species of wildlife too. Several raptors can be seen in this area including Red Kite, Peregrine, Merlin and Goshawk, resident woodland birds such as Treecreeper, Great Spotted Woodpecker and Siskin and summer visitors including Redstart and Pied Flycatcher.  Birdwatching in these diverse areas is somewhat addictive and many holiday guests return yearly to keep track of the species they have seen in previous years and in particular to watch the nesting and fledging in May and June. Not to be missed are some of the reserves owned by wildlife organisations, including Gilfach Farm and Bailey Einon, the Elan Valley Estate as well as the kite feeding centres at Gigrin Farm and Nant yr Arian.  We are fortunate to have small but thriving colonies of water vole in the Elan Valley and nearby farms and badgers can be seen at Nannerth Fawr Farm. Increasing environmental awareness has helped maintain amphibian populations and a huge number of dragonfly and damselfly species can also be seen at lots of sites in Mid Wales. Radnorshire Wildlife Trust has a good reserve guide for where to see specific flora and fauna.

Walking and Cycling

What a joy to be able to walk or cycle straight from your door on numerous footpaths, bridleways, lanes and trails which cover Mid Wales. Many local holiday properties and bed & breakfast businesses can offer you just this, so you can avoid driving to where you wish to walk and cycle, or you can access the route via a quiet lane. With stunning landscapes to experience, there are both challenging and gentle walks and cycle routes to discover. Leaping Stiles website has excellent maps and descriptions for forty nine walks in this area and 6 long distance walking routes. The Sustrans network of routes through Mid Wales can be seen on their site. Routes 8, 81 and 825 are local. There are several bike hire outlets in the area.  See more detailed information about cycling and walking on the Walking and Cycling page.

History and Culture

Among the wild, beautiful hills and the hidden valleys of Mid Wales, remnants of the past are scattered everwhere. Visitors often ask about the crumbling walls of old hafod or lluest buildings high in the hills, why old farmhouses have certain architectural features, why the various sheep flocks on the open hill don't get mixed up and the meanings of place names. It's all fascinating stuff and the continuation of old traditions in the historic landscape brings history alive for many visitors.