Among botanists the county of Radnorshire in Mid Wales is best known for being home to the Radnor Lily – the plant’s only known locality in the whole of the British Isles!

However Mid Wales can offer much more, having a varied landscape, areas of which are designated as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s) for their richness, diversity and rarity of wildlife. Particularly important are the habitats of the moorlands, bogs, ancient woodlands, hay meadows and river systems. 

Within these habitats are some very important plants. For example Bog Rosemary at Gorsgoch Nature Reserve, Wood Bitter Vetch and Butterfly Orchids in the hay meadows of the Elan Valley, several species of rare lichens including the Tree Lungwort that grows on the ancient trees of the RSPB’s Carngafallt Reserve and the nationally important Maiden Pink that grows in dry, rocky grassland sites.

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