Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles

Top among the Wildlife Spectacles of Mid Wales is to watch Salmon leaping the wild waterfalls of the River Marteg at the Radnor Wildlife Trust’s Gilfach Nature Reserve. This species of fish which still returns every year to spawn in the upper reaches of the Wye Valley and its tributaries, has been a very important element of life in Mid Wales over the centuries. To find out more about its place in our history and hear tales of poaching and fishing, visit CARAD, Rhayader’s Community Museum.

Top among amphibians in Mid Wales are the Common Frog and Common Toad which gather to spawn in hundreds at ponds and lakes throughout the area – there is even a special Toad Patrol around Llandrindod Lake every spring to help the toads reach the lake safely without being run over on the nearby roads!

Reptiles are not as numerous in Mid Wales but you may see Common Lizards basking in the summer sunshine.

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